6 ways to make cheap foods taste better

Here are six ways to make cheap foods taste better! We’ve teamed up with Money Talks News for this On Your Side Advice.

1. Marinade Your Meat:  Marinades can be a cost effective way to give some flavor to less expensive cuts of meat and make the texture better.  Be careful with delicate meats or fish. Marinating those too long can be problematic.

2. Sauce It Up: Easiest way to spruce up staples like rice or beans is to let the pan drippings from the main dish soak into them. 

3. Mix In A High-Flavor Ingredient: It might cost you up front, but higher priced seasonings can go a long way. Other worthwhile ingredients: infused oil, roasted red peppers, herbs, and robust cheese.

4. Puree Up Veggies Past Their Prime: Cheaper vegetables can get new life with some pureeing that will cover up imperfections. If you are having soup, maybe stir in some veggies towards the end to liven it up.

5. Use Bargain Fruit in Smoothies, Sauces and Jams: Slightly blemished fruits can be mixed in to drinks and other flavorful add-ons without damaging the overall taste.  Money Talks suggests in the fall that you take the bruised apples that stores are practically giving away and make Crock Pot applesauce.

6. Tweak Your Technique: How about browning cuts of meat in a skillet before adding them to a slow cooker, roasting veggies rather than boiling or steaming them, and cooking rice with chicken stock rather than water.

NewsChannel 5 has much more that will make your taste buds happy with our special report Wednesday at 6 p.m. 

If you’ve ever wanted to take your favorite restaurant foods and duplicate them in your own kitchen, then you need to watch. 

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