Designers from "Knock It Off" share step-by-step instructions for a home command center

CLEVELAND - This super easy project is an awesome way to corral all your families’ activities and busy calendars in one place. By using only cork board squares, a staple gun and some pretty ribbon and accessories, you’ll be well on your way to a more organized life (while looking super cute too!)

Step by Step for Command Center

1. Measure the space you want to fill with your organization center. We made ours on a knee wall in this attic, so we decided to do two horizontal lines of 8 cork squares. Figure out the best layout for you and your family

2. Find your center point and make a mark on the wall. Beginning at that point, attach the squares to the wall with a staple gun (or a hammer and finishing nails) making sure that the square is completely level before tacking it in. Continue with all the squares until you’re satisfied.

3. To divide our cork into sections for the days of the week and dress up the whole thing up a bit, we hot glued pretty chevron ribbon in straight vertical lines from the top of the cork to the bottom. You can do this in any direction that you want!

4. We picked up small wooden letters at the craft store- one for each day of the week- and painted them to match our barn-wood wall. We simply used the staple gun to attach these above the cork. If you want to attach your letters directly to the cork, use your hot glue gun to adhere them.

In four easy steps, you’ve simplified your life and now have a really cute, really functional family command center! To get more info on this project or to see more projects and details from this room, head over to the LiveWell Network .