Bouquet of roses, box of chocolates, perfume are cliche Valentine's gifts women don't want offers Valentine gift alternatives

CLEVELAND - Popular dating website released its list of the top 10 gifts people should avoid showering on their sweetheart this Valentine's Day.

The good news is that the site offers alternatives.

Number one is the old classic bouquet of red roses. says this gift is predictable and clichéd. Instead, it suggests an offbeat bloom in your mate's favorite color. And, buy three dozen of those.

Number two: a box of assorted chocolates. No one likes every flavor of chocolate in a box of assorted flavors. Instead, suggests you figure out what your lover's favorite candy is and package them in a fun way.

Number three is jewelry in a ring-sized box. Why? Women don't want to get jewelry like earrings or a pendant in a ring-sized box, if it doesn't have an engagement ring in it. The solution? Wrap jewelry in some other creative ways that doesn't give the wrong "ring" impression.

Another gift to avoid is something girlie and decorative, like a candle holder or wishing stone, especially if it's Valentine's Day themed. On Feb. 15, the novelty is over. Instead, consider bath products with scents and formulas that fit your boyfriend or girlfriend's personalilty. It lasts, and they can enjoy it.

Also making the do not get list is a stuffed animal. Experts say it's too generic and could be given to a child, not someone you're romantically involved with. Instead, suggests making a donation in your love's name to a charity. It's a thoughtful gift that's tailor-made with him or her in mind.

Avoid racy sleepwear. This is a gift that guys mostly get for themselves than their ladies, and it could create problems if it's in the wrong size. Instead, buy a lacy version of a type of undergarment she already wears, and be sure to check the size. That way, you know it's in her comfort zone.

The seventh gift to avoid would be anything considered a small appliance. If your lover needs a toaster or yogurt maker, he or she would likely have it already. Also, being too practical is not romantic. Instead, get something you know he or she doesn't need, but would love.

Number eight -- a bottle of cologne or perfume. These always come pre-packaged, so they seem like a gift with a lot of effort, but you'd better know what your love likes. What smells great to you, may seem horrid to them. Instead, buy a soap or aftershave or other body product in a fragrance your loved one already has.

Ties are another no-no. It's more challenging for women to shop because there are fewer gift options for men, and ties are the most obvious default. Instead ladies, look for an unexpected accessory your man may overlook, like a sharp scarf or cashmere socks.

Last, don't give a gift certificate. says it's too impersonal and not an actual gift. Instead, take the money and try a suggestion above.

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