RightThisMinute: Waldo the goat undergoes 'human-like' rehabilitation

SEATTLE, Wash. - Waldo, a 7-year-old petting zoo goat at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, is suffering from compressed discs in his back and neck, as well as some pelvic problems.

In order to help Waldo, the staff put together a rehab plan for him, just like they would for a human. The goat gets both laser and physical therapies, as well as pain control to help with his injuries. He even uses an agility ball to work on strengthening his legs and back.

In addition to physical therapy, the zoo staff made him a custom jacket with pockets for either cold or hot treatments.

The staff says Waldo is feeling much better and really enjoys his therapy sessions. He isn’t the first animal to receive this type of treatment at the Woodland Park Zoo. They have also used therapy on penguins, elephants, gorillas and flamingos.

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