Extreme Makeover family settling in

Andersons loving new Maple Heights home

MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio - "I just went through a box of tissues last night." 

That was the reaction of Jasmine Anderson one day after watching her family's episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on Sunday night on WEWS-TV, Channel 5.

"It was amazing to see how everything came together," Jasmine said from her Maple Heights home.  "Because we saw our house getting torn down, but didn't get to see new house getting built. So we got to see all of that last night and it was so touching how everybody pitched in."

The beginning of Sunday night's episode showed host Ty Pennington pulling up to the Anderson family waiting for an RTA bus. When they got on, he screamed, "Good Morning Anderson family!"

Not only was the family of four surprised on the bus, but Jasmine, her husband and two sons had some new experiences watching the show as well. 

"The kids are so excited," Jasmine said. "Jaison was so impressed with himself on TV--he did a little 'Jaison,'" she said, pointing at the camera. "It was so funny. Cause we didn't get to see the kids interview, we didn't get to see the kids reaction to their rooms, we saw all of that. Wow, it was a tear filled evening and a joyous evening."

The Andersons were invited to watch the show with the Marous family. Marous Brothers Construction built the house for the show. The home is complete with a heat induction stove that boils water in 10 seconds and has personal touches as well.

"They actually went to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, took photos of lions and lionesses, my favorite part, such detail," Jasmine said as she looked at the pictures hanging in her front hall.

Another one of the Andersons favorite parts of their home is the media room. It was built with the newest technology - sound domes.  The domes provide audio descriptions to the blind couple as they watch what's on television. There are other TV's in the room as well, including one with closed-captioning for their deaf son.

"Our life has been totally changed in two months," Andre said.  "It's almost like, imagine going on vacation, which we did, and come back and have a new home. To get such a tremendous blessing is just an honor. I think our biggest thing was community, to see how people just pitched in and wanted to help, I mean 5,000 volunteers that's amazing.  What can you really say but thank you God and thank you Northeast Ohio."

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