VIDEO: Sebastian Alvarez paraglided through two buildings in Chile

RENACA BEACH, Chile - Wearing a camera, a daredevil completed an amazing aerial stunt that you have to see to believe.

Sebastian Alvarez and a friend took off in a tandem paraglide ride in his home country of Chile.

After climbing 2,500 feet in the air, the professional base jumper released his harness and free fell in his wingsuit.

Sebastian reached top speeds of 125 mph as he flew toward a narrow 40-foot gap between two residential buildings.

With 800 jumps under his belt, Sebastian was able to fly perfectly on target, right through the towers, in an amazing aerial display of wingsuit proximity flying.

"I feel more confident when I start flying that it’s what I do always then when I was in the paraglide you know? It was pretty scary when I was hanging from the paraglide doing everything," said Alvarez.

After clearing the buildings, Sebastian deployed his parachute and floaed back down to Earth.

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