The final 3 All-Stars get ready for their final 3 dances on 'Dancing with the Stars' finale

CLEVELAND - Are you ready for the All-Girls - I mean, All-Stars - to dance their last dance on "Dancing with the Stars?"

The fifteenth season has whittled away all the other former contestants to a pretty decent – and rather pretty – final three. But before any one of them can win the coveted Mirrorball Trophy, each of them must perform three more dances.

Olympian Shawn Johnson and Derek are practicing for a quickstep Monday night. After making it through to the finals, Shawn tweeted, "Crazy, but I have some down time this A.M. Think I'll trial quick start drills on Nike + Kinect Training to keep my heart rate up! # mymoment ."

Actress Kelly Monaco and Val are tackling a paso doble. Considering their fiery chemistry, this charged dance could be a great advantage for them. Kelly tweeted, "Good morning. I'm so excited to dance with @ iamValC on Mon. We're gonna need all the support we can get. Remember to vote. # teamvally # dwts ."

TV host Melissa Rycroft and Tony are working on a samba. Melissa tweeted, "Just finished stage rehearsal....So excited about tomorrow!! Finale is going to be a great show! Everyone is bringing some great stuff!!"

Monday night's competition also brings the fan favorite that viewers wait for all season: the freestyle dance, when the stars can break the rules and do whatever they want.

Shawn may have an advantage here. Derek pretty much breaks the rules every week anyway. Shawn tweeted, "Shawn: FINALS BABY! Thank you ALL so much! Can't believe we made it! Promise.... We're doing everything we can 2 make our freestyle special! # DWTS ."

Tony is not really known for his freestyle choreography, but perky Melissa has been bringing out his daring side lately. Melissa tweeted, "This Freestyle is literally beating me up! So proud of it and of @ TonyDovolani ! Can't believe the ride's almost over.."

It's harder to say how Kelly and Val will handle the freestyle. He's never made it this far in a season before. Kelly tweeted, "Had a very long day w @ iamValC today. Through the sweat, blood and tears, we will give you everything we have. # dwts # thetimeofmylife ."

That wraps up Monday night, but the All-Stars still have one more dance on their card. After all the viewers vote for Monday's dances, the couples then perform an instant dance on Tuesday's finale for the judges alone to score.

You remember the instant dance. That's when the stars learn their dance style and song live on TV and must perform it, like, a half hour later. No pressure there. (Wringing hands together in a sinister fashion.)

The finals air Monday night at 8:00 on ABC, and it's only an hour instead of the normal two this time.

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