Stars to compete to same song at same time on 'Dancing with the Stars' with Abby Lee Miller judging

CLEVELAND - The competition is about to get more confusing – and louder – with a new challenge and new guest judge Abby Lee Miller on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Miller is the star of the reality show “Dance Moms” and known for her volatile interpersonal style. On the plus side, her dance background should provide for good critiques as guest judge.

The six remaining couples must perform two dances each Monday night. The first will be one unlearned dance.

Ice dancer Meryl Davis and Maks are working on a rumba, which, like every other dance she’s done this season, should prove no challenge for her.

Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy and Derek are rehearsing the Argentine tango, which are one of Derek’s specialties, so it should be interesting to see Amy tackle a new style. Remember, Amy was injured last week.

Ice dancer Charlie White and Sharna are practicing the quickstep. Charlie has proved he’s fast-footed in the past.

Actress Danica McKellar and Val are tweaking a tango. Danica has worked to up her game, and the tango can provide a great opportunity to showcase talent and performance.

Singer James Maslow and Peta are perfecting their Viennese waltz. James has grown in strides and should have no problem here.

Actress Candace Cameron and Mark are working on a foxtrot. Candace has shown the need to improve her footwork, but the foxtrot can be a pretty fast dance, so she may struggle.

After their individual performances, the stars must perform a second dance, called the dance duel. This is when two couples will hit the floor to perform the same style of dance to the same song at the same time. But, halfway through the song, the pros will leave and the stars must finish the dance together.

Candace and Mark will do a contemporary with Charlie and Sharna, before Mark and Sharna leave the floor for Candace and Charlie to dance together.

Meryl and Maks will do a samba with Danica and Val, before Maks and Val leave the floor for Meryl and Danica to finish the dance together. (Two women? That could be interesting.)

James and Peta will dance with Amy and Derek, before Peta and Derek step out, for James and Amy to finish the dance together.

Whew. That sounds complicated. And choreography must have been a nightmare – especially between brothers Maks and Val, who logically want their own partner to look better than the other.

Another stars get eliminated Monday night. At this point, viewers are rewarding the harder-working dancers, like Amy, while Meryl and Charlie have been doing stellar jobs. James may not be earning enough viewer votes, but Candace is the one who’s been struggling with scores. If viewers don’t pull through for her underdog story, she could be out this week. But, remember, Danica has a broken rib and cannot compete on the level she could just weeks ago.

The competition continues Monday night at 8 ET on NewsChannel5.

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