'Sharknado': SyFy movie causes stir on social media

DETROIT - Sharks...tornado...Sharknado. The latest movie to air on the SyFy Channel had viewers racing to social media to share their thoughts on the disaster flick. 

By late Thursday night, #Sharknado was trending on Twitter worldwide. 

The made for TV movie stars Tara Reid and Ian Ziering from Beverly HIlls 90120. 

The trailer shows absolute chaos as multiple "sharknadoes" hit Los Angeles. 


Just a sample of some of the tweets from Thursday night: 



Originally M Night was going to direct Sharknado until he realized there was no twist. It really is about a freakin' tornado of sharks.


How did I miss ? I feel like I missed the pop culture event of the summer.


Ok Twitter, you got to me. I'l DVR Sharknado.


Just saw . It ranks up there with The Godfather as best movie ever.

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