NewsChannel5's Danita Harris goes to New York to visit Katie Couric, see her new TV show studio

NEW YORK - Talk show host Katie Couric is getting ready to launch her new show, and NewsChannel5 got a special invite to see how it's coming together.

WEWS anchor Danita Harris went to New York City on Thursday and sat down with Katie on the set of her new show. Katie and company invited people from TV stations nationwide that will be airing the new show.

"My takeaway from my day at the Katie show," Danita said, "I think the show is going to have something for everyone. Her target is to have a show that will attract people that are curious about everything."

Danita said Katie described a show that would touch upon everything, from serious topics to lighter ones. Katie and her crew will focus on news, lifestyle, parenting and even feature some celebrity appearances.

"Susan Sarandon was there earlier in the day," Danita said.

The set for the show was created to be flexible; the colors can change to suit the guests or theme, from green to purple.

But everything Katie and her crew do on the show will have an underlying theme.

"Katie's very excited about YOLO," Danita said. YOLO stands for You Only Live Once. "She's excited about the bucket list – doing things you want to do in life."

Danita also felt viewers will discover the Katie they grew to know.

"She was very warm, very engaging, very down to earth," Danita said. "And I think people are going to see the Katie they fell in love with on the Today show."

Katie also hopes to break the mold about female talk show clichés.

"She likes men," Danita said. "She wants to attract men to like her show, too. It's not just for women. She hopes men will watch her show."

Danita said the visit left her with a good impression and a sense that the hard-working crew was committed to a successful show that could appeal to everyone.

"I enjoyed meeting Katie and found her to be very gracious."

Katie Couric's new show will become part of the NewsChannel5 lineup on September 10. Danita's interview with Katie should air the prior week on NewsChannel5.

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