NeNe Leaks on chopping block on 'Dancing with the Stars' as Amy Purdy gets injured on Latin night

"Dancing with the Stars" loses one of its spiciest stars on shirtless night... I mean, Latin night, where everyone pretty much disrobed on the show.

Singer Ricky Martin sits in as guest judge for Monday night's show, in which the seven remaining couples perform two dances for the first time this season. Also, we get to find out what happens to actress Danica McKellar, who broke a rib. And ramping up the OMG factor, another star got injured mid-show.

Which stars put the spice in their salsa? Would Danica perform? Who was injured on live TV? And which star got the boot? Tear your shirt off cause here we go!

The show opens with Ricky singing during the opening number and, after I fast-forwarded through that, we get a good look at the remaining couples - and their... outfits. This must be the night of the most hideous, garish, neon nightmare costumes in this show's history (except for resplendent Amy Purdy).

And, broken rib notwithstanding, we learn Danica and Val will compete.

First results! Danica is safe, but singer James Maslow and Peta are in jeopardy. Paralympic snowboarder Amy and Derek are also safe.

Amy and Derek are up with a rumba. They have a sultry, slow energy in a dance that is still lighthearted and innocent. Their movements are solid and their shapes pretty. It ends with a gorgeous leg extension showing the use of her prosthetic feet. Judge Len Goodman says Amy lit his fire. Judge Bruno Tonioli says they had a wonderful sense of courtship and sexuality with class. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba calls her Wonder Woman, but to watch out for unnecessary choreography that undermines her. Ricky says he couldn't take his eyes off Amy and she made him feel lots of things. Score: 36 out of 40.

James and Peta are up with a samba. A producer asks Peta: "Are you dating James?" She says she looks forward to seeing him every day. James says, he won't deny they like each other, but they are trying to keep it as platonic as possible. They start dancing. Am I in Vegas? Not sure if their routine is a mixture of "Peepshow" and "Thunder Down Under," an adult movie set at a gas station, or an underwear ad. This performance is raw. I will never forget Peta's outfit - and that's a good thing. I was so distracted by their hyper-sexual strip show, I have no idea what technique went into it. On the third viewing, I finally noticed James' hand extensions were sloppy. The audience needs a cold shower. Bruno says it was dirty, filthy, and he loved it. Carrie Ann says their chemistry is beyond sick. Ricky calls them the gift that keeps giving. Len critiques the technique, but liked their approach. Score: 35.

Injured Danica and Val have a salsa. Val fractured her rib while practicing lifts. No worry - broken ribs make Danica chipper. Their routine is some sort of spry hip hop salsa. Danica is game for lots of shaking, but her moves seem ever so slightly more hesitant than normal. Carrie Ann says injury stifled her moves. Ricky says they add a lot to the show. Len feels it's more of a pop video. Bruno says she dazzled us while injury held her back. Score: 33.

Since it's carnal eye-candy night, host Erin Andrews asks viewers to decide if Tony will dance clothed or shirtless. Everyone has a couple minutes to tweet either #DWTSShirtOff or #DWTSShirtOn. Guess which wins.

Injury alert! We are told that Amy was injured in her dance and they are working to figure out how she's doing.

More results! Actress Candace Cameron and Mark are safe - which sends her into a religious fervor. Ice dancer Charlie White and Sharna are in jeopardy. Ice dancer Meryl Davis and Maks are safe. Reality star NeNe Leaks and Tony are at risk.

NeNe and Tony perform an Argentine tango. Shirt verdict? Off. (People tweeted 90% to 10% on that one.) It starts with NeNe singing, with a whole bunch of unnecessary backup dancers. Her footwork is not Argentine tango quality, but she keeps up with it and maintains a consistent mood. Ricky likes her character. Len wants her to work on her technique, but calls it fun. Bruno likes the mood but wants improved technique. Carrie Ann critiques technique, but says NeNe has come far. Score: 31.

Injury! We visit Amy, who is putting on a brave face. Her shoulder seized up after her dance and she's having trouble breathing, so it's off to the hospital. She was part of the group dances coming up, so the judges will have to vote on her taped dress rehearsal instead.

Charlie and Sharna perform a paso doble. They want nothing less than a perfect score. They hit the floor with intense mood and tauter choreography. His feet look so fluid and his attitude is off the charts. It's like domestic abuse theater... but in a good way - if such a thing is possible. Len says it wasn't special for him. Bruno says they have flair and purpose, but had minor flaws. Carrie Ann wants Charlie to finish moves better. Ricky was living in the moment with them. Score: 36. Maks literally slaps a hand on shirtless Charlie's chest and feels him down. Apparently, Latin night is getting to everybody.

Candace and Mark perform the Argentine tango. We learn it's hard for her to translate practice dancing to live studio dancing, so they visit a sports psychologist to talk perfection and disappointment. Candace's attitude seems transformed. She looks very controlled and consistent in tone and quality with smooth legwork. It ends with an amazing trick where Mark flips her around his arm. Bruno says, "Now we are in business." Carrie Ann says the confidence was there. Ricky says she was focused with good tension and clean lines. Len liked her clean, sharp legs. Score: 35.

Meryl and Maks perform a salsa. They are so catty in practice and keep bruising each other, which these two crazy perfectionists seem to thrive on. He wants the prim Meryl to find her dirty vixen. Verdict? Well, their dance is incredibly busy but they nail the nonstop moves. It's like a modernized "West Side Story." They have a bunch of backup dancers but Meryl fits in with them like a puzzle piece. Carrie Ann says Meryl continually surprises her. Ricky calls it intense. Len says it was too much production and too hectic. Bruno says Meryl is the "leader of the gang with plenty of bang" who pulled attention from the pros surrounding her. Erin says Maks helped Meryl find her "dirty place." Score: 39.

Team dances! All member of Team Vida are in jeopardy - Charlie, James, and NeNe. What a remarkable coincidence. By the way, the stars picked these teams after last Monday's show; Charlie and Meryl are captains. Judges' scores from the team dance get added into the stars' individual overall score.

Team Vida is up first. They vote Charlie has to go shirtless. It's here in practice we learn he shaved his chest for the live performance. Shivers. Their group dance has plenty of Latin moves but it is not mesmerizing. NeNe seems a bit lacking in her individual part with Tony. James and Peta kill their segment. Charlie and Sharna are smooth and full of energy. They are better as a team in the finish. Ricky says they made complicated look like a walk in the park. Len calls it lots of fun. Bruno says the energy was incredible, but they were not in sync, and Carrie Ann agrees. Score: 35.

Team Loca is up with Danica, Candace, Meryl, and what would have been Amy. She's at the hospital, so instead the show will play their taped dress rehearsal, which is what the judges will score. It is super choreographed, I'm sure courtesy of Derek. Danica is decent in her segment with Val. Candace still looks a little uneasy but pushes her comfort zone - and she works in that hilarious crab dance from last week - and whoa, what a final flip. Amy and Derek have an amazing tango segment with sharp legwork. But Meryl and Maks blow them away with sharper, more impactful choreography. Their group ending is even more complicated. [While we watch the taped version, the remaining teammates actually perform the dance in the studio for the audience. Derek even shadow-dances his part without Amy.] Carrie Ann calls it insane and the tightest group performance ever. Ricky says they fit many styles into a quick routine. Len calls it fantastic. Bruno calls it a slick, spectacular showstopper. Score: 39.

Final results! Charlie and Sharna are safe. So it's between James and Peta or NeNe and Tony, and the star going home is... NeNe. Finally.

She put a lot of heart into the show and improved in recent weeks, but the other stars simply out-danced her.

Next week, Abby Lee Miller from "Dance Moms" will guest judge. That should be interesting. And loud. The couples will also dance side by side for one of their dances. Another couple will also get eliminated.

The competition is getting tighter. Unless injury forces Danica or Amy to bow out of the competition, there's a good chance Candace might be going home. She has improved, but her competition is unbelievably good.

Who will get eliminated next week? Will injury sideline a promising star? Is Amy really Wonder Woman? (Yes - sorry, Meryl.) Will anyone have a shirt next week? Did you find your dirty place?

The show continues Monday night at 8:00 Eastern on ABC.

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