Last laugh for Drew Carey on 'Dancing with the Stars' party anthem night with guest judge Redfoo

“Dancing with the Stars” brought the noise and the funk to its party anthem night, but one star had to leave the party early.

Keeping things unexpected, the show opens with a big dance number to “Party in the USA,” before Redfoo sings his “Party Rockers” hit. Wait – that’s completely expected. Oh, Redfoo is also guest judge.

Is Candace still in danger? Will Drew survive another week? Who gets a perfect score? Are you ready to fight for your right to party? Then accidentally dump your entire tray of popcorn, Emma, cause here we go!

The show gets right to some results. Reality star NeNe Leaks and Tony are safe. That pretty much guarantees comedian Drew Carey is going home.

NeNe and Tony are up first. Dance: salsa. Anthem: “Hot in Herre.” It’s like they’re at a club. Because Tony takes his shirt off, the type of club is debatable. But NeNe works the jiggle with decent hip action and footwork. She hits her stride in the second half. Judge Len Goodman says she cornered the market in fun. Judge Bruno Tonioli shows his appreciation by shaking his hips, which makes Len laugh, but host Tom Bergeron asks if that’s because Bruno’s nipples are hard. Thanks for asking the question no one was thinking of, Tom. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba (whose hair looks like she partied late last night) says it’s the NeNe we’ve been waiting for. Redfoo says NeNe owned it. Host Erin Andrews looks at shirtless Tony’s nipples and says, “It is cold.” Score: 33.

More results! Nickelodeon star James Maslow and Peta are safe, but actress Candace Cameron and Mark are in jeopardy.

Candace and Mark are up. Dance: cha cha. Anthem: “I Love It.” She looks like a mirrorball. She swivels her hips with sharp, crisp choreography and lots of content. Mark wisely – and finally – came up with a routine that showcases her more. At times, she comes out of her shell (seashells? She did play Ariel last week) and it’s probably her best dance so far. Bruno says she’s sexy, but doesn’t know it. Carrie Ann says she opened up more. Redfoo wants her to keep the sexiness up. Len says her legs were like woah. Candace proclaims, “I had fun!” Score: 32.

James and Peta next. Dance: quickstep. Anthem: “You’re The One That I Want.” These guys channel John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John to great effect. It’s such a brisk quickstep, they’re like gazelles, lifting choreography from “Grease” impressively. It’s light and breezy, lighthearted, and uplifting. Carrie Ann says James proved himself a leading man. Redfoo loves it. Len likes the performance, but technique was lacking. Bruno says James could been lighter on his feet. Score: 35.

Pre-produced package! We get a taped segment about the exhaustion of the competition. It’s edited to make the competition sound like the Trail of Tears in Auschwitz. We get snippets of the stars saying, “it’s exhausting,” “moments that test who you are,” “look like an idiot,” “feel like a failure,” “question if I can do this,” and “I can be hurt by it.” Sheesh. Then, the package takes a turn, and ice dancer Meryl Davis says, “I’m growing as a person, in addition to a dancer.” Candace says, “It’s so important that I stay cause I want to see my growth.” Olympian Amy Purdy says, “I am no longer Amy Purdy, the snowboarder. Now I am Amy Purdy, the dancer.” Curse you, DWTS, for manipulating our emotions so!

Performance! Derek choreographed a Macy’s Stars of Dance routine, impressively. At the end, some sort of lit-up walking humidifier-men come out and spray fog on everyone.

Resuls! Meryl Davis and Maks are safe, but actress Danica McKellar and Val are in jeopardy.

Cue Danica and Val. Dance: cha cha. Anthem: “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” It is a sensual, high quality routine. Danica had sharp feet – which you would notice if you could take your eyes off her abs! It looks like a music video, mostly because they nail the characters with charm and confidence. Redfoo says it looked like Danica was in love with Val. Tom says Redfoo looks like Carrie Ann and Bruno’s lovechild. Len calls it the best dance of the night. Bruno says it was adorable and difficult but Danica made the change of speed look natural. Carrie Ann says Danica is in full blossom. Val braids Danica’s hair. “When I get nervous, I braid things.” Erin asks, “What do you do when you’re calm, a perm?” Maybe he did Carrie Ann’s terrible hair. Score: 36.

Meryl and Maks are up. Dance: Tango. Anthem: “Feel So Close.” In practice, it’s fascinating to watch these two push themselves. So fiery, so tortured, so demanding. Their moves quickly pick up speed with demandingly broad sweeps. These are not timid moves; they require serious extension and control – and yet done with exhilarating pace: fast yet smooth. Their choreography literally demands, “Give us a 10.” Len says Meryl is the first star to be able to keep up with Maks. Bruno could taste the tension. Carrie Ann says Meryl’s technique is unbelievable and commends Maks’ choreography. Redfoo thinks it’s out of this world. Score: perfect 40.

Drew Carey and Cheryl are up. Dance: tango. Anthem: “Super Freak.” Holy zebra print pimp suit! As a sign of desperation, they brought in two backup girl dancers. But Drew channels legit pimp attitude. It’s his best dance because he plays up the performance, but not in a funny way. Bruno says the technique was all over the place, but they put on a great show. Carrie Ann loves the character. Redfoo likes Drew’s stanky pimp face. Len loves his commitment. Score: 32.

Redfoo performs “Let’s Get Ridiculous.” They go rave theme here. Everyone has light up rings with flashing lights. Even Len has a baseball cap on suddenly.

Ice dancer Charlie White and Sharna next. Dance: cha cha. Anthem: “Gonna Make You Sweat.” They dance in black lights with glowing clothes. How 90’s, how quaint. They show off great lines and extensions. It’s infectious fun. Carrie Ann likes Charlie’s improved hips. Redfoo likes the different styles. Len thinks it had brilliant musicality. Bruno loved it cause it’s a tough track to dance flawlessly to. Score: 36.

Amy and Derek next. Dance: jive. Anthem: “Shout.” It’s a wedding theme. I’m in disbelief watching Amy execute a jaw-dropping jive. It is joyous fun when they are joined by their six backup dancers. And just when I’m having prom flashbacks, Amy nails a cartwheel. It blew Redfoo’s mind. Len falls it fantastic. Bruno wants Amy to marry him. (Or maybe he means Derek.) Bruno proclaims Amy a real superhero who achieves what most of us would consider impossible. Carrie Ann says Amy had the best kicks and flicks she’s seen. Score: 38.

Results! Drew and Cheryl are in jeopardy. Amy and Derek are safe, as are Charlie and Sharna.

Final results! Danica and Val are safe. So it’s either Candace and Mark going home or Drew and Cheryl. And it’s… low-scoring Drew.

But Candace is not in the clear. Drew’s elimination puts her back on the bottom of the scoreboard. Candace better hope viewers pull through; otherwise, it could be NeNe going home next week.

Also next week, singer Ricky Martin will guest judge for Latin week. The remaining stars will perform at least two dances from here on out.

Will viewers pull through for Candace? Will Carrie Ann’s hair get better? Is it really cold in the studio? Who will Val braid next? Are you ready for guest judge Ricky Martin to inevitably sing “Livin’ La Vida Loca?” Because he will.

The competition continues Monday night at 8:00 Eastern on ABC.

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