Countdown to Katie: Who is the Katie viewer and why you should tune in for a dose of inspiration

NEW YORK - You may think if you've seen one talk show you've seen them all. Well, Katie Couric wants to change your attitude. As she prepares for her Sept. 10 launch of her new talk show, she said she wants the viewer who is curious about the world.

"Someone who cares about getting information that can help her or her family, or him and his family," she said. "I mean, not all female, I like men too and I welcome them to watch the show because a lot of the issues have to deal with family or have to deal with our kids or our society."

To make her show even more appetizing, she's added some special segments that are designed to inspire viewers to go for their dreams. Couric said it's important to her that she uses her show to empower people.

"Well you know I think a lot of this is about new beginnings and I've certainly tried different things throughout the course of my career," said Couric. "I've had to adjust to personal challenges and set backs when my husband died of cancer, for example. I think if we can make people feel empowered and inspired, I mean life is hard for everybody."

One of the segments is called "You Only Live Once." People get the opportunity to cross off items on their bucket list, including Katie. Another one is "Women Who Should be Famous," which highlights women all over the country that you've probably never heard of, but they are doing great things.

Couric is passionate about this part of her show.

She said,"If we can give them examples and show them profiles in courage and show them how people went through tough times and got to the other side; or give them advice that can help them navigate some of the challenges they're facing, then we'll be doing a real public service."

Don't miss out on the fun. Katie premieres on Monday, Sept. 10, 2012 at 3 p.m. on NewsChannel5. For more information go to

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