All-Stars prepare 2 dances in 'Dancing with the Stars' semifinals, including Michael Jackson number

CLEVELAND - We've seen some semifinals on "Dancing with the Stars" before, but probably not like this.

It may be the second-to-last week of the All-Star season, but it still promises some things we haven't seen before.

The remaining five couples must perform two dances each Monday night, and one of them will be completely new to the show.

Last week, the couples picked one dance and style for each other. The other dance will be set to a Michael Jackson song.

Olympian Shawn Johnson and Derek are trying to put together the traditional Indian dance Bhangra with a Knight Rider theme. They must also perform an Argentine tango, which is one of Derek's strengths.

Shawn tweeted, "Arrived to the studio at 9:00am & just left.... Long day! Tackling this Knight Rider Bhangra... Yikes! # DWTS ."

Olympian Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina must sort out a Big Top Jazz number. They will do a rumba.

Apolo tweeted, "Another crazy day. This dance is hands down the most difficult I've ever experienced on this season or season 4. # DWTS # teamohyes ."

TV host Melissa Rycroft and Tony are working the Caveman hustle, as well as an Argentine tango.

Melissa tweeted, "Alright....Ready to tackle this Caveman Hustle (still not sure what it is....) and Argentine Tango!!!"

NFL retiree Emmitt Smith and Cheryl are doing the espionage lindy hop, on top of a tango.

Actress Kelly Monaco and Val are putting together a surfer flamenco.

Val tweeted, "Exhausting day.. but so productive and fulfilling.. so worth it. Proud of @ kellymonaco1 and on Monday I know you will be too # purpose # DWTS ."

The Michael Jackson dances will all be from the "Bad" album to mark 25 years since its release. We'll have to wait until Monday night at 8:00 on ABC to see who does "The Way You Make Me Feel," "Man in the Mirror," "Dirty Diana," "Smooth Criminal" and "Bad" itself.

Last week, actors Kirstie Alley and Gilles Marini got kicked off in a double elimination.

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