Rock Hall 2014 inductees: Fans react to performers picked for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum

E Street finally joins 'The Boss' in Rock Hall

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Visitors to Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum currently enjoy the Rolling Stones exhibit, and 40 new artifacts in the Elvis exhibit,

But what stands out to Rock Hall President Greg Harris about the newly announced 2014 inductees is the first-time ballot inductees.

"Nirvana influenced a lot of other bands and Linda Rondstadt, it's her first time on the ballot," Harris said.

Rock Hall visitor Gabriele Rodriguez, from Miami, is glad to see the Seattle connection of Nirvana being inducted.

"It was the beginning of a new music era with the culmination of grunge and alternative music genres," Rodriguez said.

Other visitors to the Rock Hall Tuesday said they were surprised some names weren't already in the hall for years.

"Wow, Peter Gabriel and KISS were not already in the Hall of Fame?" said Andy Ely.

Also being inducted in 2014 are Hall and Oates, Cat Stevens and, after 41 years together, the E Street Band.

Bruce Springsteen was inducted years ago, but because the band's name wasn't on his first album, the band itself was left out on a technicality -- until now

The beauty of all this is it means more rare rock and roll items are coming to Cleveland.

"Ideally we want items from inductees that are from significant moments in their career, iconic things that the visitors will connect with right away," Harris said.

Next year's ceremony will be held in New York in April.

Cleveland hosts the induction ceremony every three years.

So it's back here in 2015 which is also the 20th anniversary for the Rock Hall,

"it's going to be an incredible year for this city. We have the new convention center and so much going on in downtown Cleveland," Harris said.

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