Avon Lake stained glass artist puts pop design on giant guitar for Guitarmania

AVON LAKE, Ohio - Avon Lake artist Judy Kean is proud of her latest effort, but she's taking this one to a new level and with a unique approach.

Her last design on one of the 10-feet tall Guitarmania guitars, which ultimately benefit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame education programs and the United Way after auction in October, sold for $15,000 to an art collector in Solon last year.

This year, Kean is the only entry with a stained glass theme. She wanted a design to represent the pop art, 60s-era feeling that some of the Rock Hall's inductees might enjoy. She said she initially hoped one of the artists would already be using a unique Fender Stratocaster she could use as a design theme, but after contacting Fender's representatives, they all seemed to be using Gibson Les Paul guitars this year for the induction ceremony, as far as they had been notified.

Undaunted, she searched the Fender website and found just the unique design she had envisioned, color-wise.

Historically, California artist Pamelina H had been commissioned for countless Fender guitar designs by Fender and by celebrities, alike. One of Pamelina's designs Kean spotted incorporated just the bright, 60s-era, green color she had envisioned. It also boasted the paisley, pop art design she was seeking; a perfect fit.

After a few emails and a direct phone call, Pamelina H, as she's known in the art world, gladly gave her permission to use her normally hand-painted design rendered in stain glass.

"I wanted a hot green color and a pop design. When I saw her design it was exactly what I was looking for," Kean said.

Kean needed more space and a high ceiling to handle the 10-foot-tall fiberglass template guitars made in Nebraska for each artist's work. Her personal studio at The Glass Studio in Avon Lake was already full of projects, so with the help of the owner of the Learwood Square Plaza and a former carpet business space on Lear Road, she found just the right temporary home. It is next door to the Ron Zehel Guitar Center, which makes perfect sense with the theme. The guitar store has helped with spare guitar parts and support, as well.

Kean encourages the public to stop by when she's there working to watch the project and even help with her direction. The complex work of the intricate glass pieces will take at least a month to complete.

Anyone interested in stain glass work, or students desiring to take part in its puzzle-like creation may contact Judy at www.GlassStudioArt.com , or simply stop by the plaza. Judy Kean's Guitarmania workshop is located in the Learwood Square Plaza, 375 Lear Rd.

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