Report: O.J. Simpson names Khloe Kardashian in his will, fueling rumors that he's her father

LOS ANGELES, Ca - A long standing Hollywood rumor is being fueled by new reports that O.J. Simpson is the biological father of realty TV star Khloe Kardashian.

Sources close to the imprisoned football star say he did, indeed, add Khloe to his multi-million dollar will and that Arnelle Simpson, his oldest daughter, has been cut out.

Some have long speculated that Simpson is the biological father of Khloe. Her mother, Kris Jenner, has denied it. Khloe is said to believe that her biological father was Robert Kardashian; just like her siblings. Robert Kardashian was one of Simpson's attorneys during his murder trial.

Monday, the National Enquirer ran a story that said an inside source claims to have further proof that Simpson fathered a love child with Kris Jenner. The families were close friends before the Nicole Brown Simpson murder.

Sources said Simpson cut out his daughter, Arnelle, from his will due to her wreckless spending and lack of responsibility.

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