Paging Dr. Webber: James Pickens, Jr. talks 'Grey's Anatomy,' acting, Cleveland and LeBron James

CLEVELAND - We know you recognize James Pickens, Jr., the actor who plays Dr. Webber on "Grey's Anatomy," but did you know he's a Cleveland native?

After this interview with Good Morning Cleveland's Macie Jepson, we all learned something new about him too: He didn't intend to become an actor when he went to college at Bowling Green State University.

But you'll have to watch to find out what career he expected to have. ...Got to wonder whether he ever thinks about what might have been. 

Fortunately for us, Mr. Pickens fell into acting and was kind enough to stop by NewsChannel5 this morning, bringing his dad and brother along for the visit. 

He didn't reveal any "Grey's Anatomy" spoilers--you can find some online --but it was a great interview as he shared his thoughts about Cleveland and LeBron, among other hot topics.

Check out the James Pickens, Jr. Foundation website here for details about his charity roping events.

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