NewsChannel5's Leon Bibb appears in 'Cleveland, I Love You', trailer premieres Thursday

Leon Bibb to speak at debut of trailer of new film

CLEVELAND - When the director of "Love of Country," shouted, "action," for one of my scenes in the vignette that is part of the overall production of "Cleveland, I Love You," tears welled in my eyes and I sobbed on camera. 

That was supposed to happen when the camera recorded the words I uttered, playing the father  of a Marine killed in the war in Afghanistan.

Part of that tender scene will be the trailer of "Cleveland, I Love You," when the trailer is premiered Thursday, at the Capitol Theatre in Cleveland. The producers of CILY will show that trailer with 10 short films made by independent producers at the theater.

The showings will follow a reception at the theater at Detroit at West 65th Street in Cleveland. The receptions begins at 6 p.m. with the short films and the CILY trailer following at 8 p.m. I will serve as master of ceremonies for the premiere.

"This is a big event for us," said the film's co-producer Eric Swinderman. "This is the largest independent film ever shot in Cleveland by a local crew," he said, his eyes brimming with great expectations.

The 11 vignettes are about love, lust, loss and fate. More than 140 local actors were involved in the production that brought in the talents of seven directors and five writers.  There are talks in progress with many distribution companies about a world-wide release in the coming months.

Tickets for the premier of the trailer of "Cleveland, I Love You" and the viewing of 10 independent short films are available at $25 and may be purchased online at  Tickets purchased online will be available at the Capitol Theatre box office one hour before the start of the event.


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