VIDEO: Captain America and Thor film battle scene on 'Avengers' set

CLEVELAND - Onlookers at the set of "The Avengers" on Friday were able to catch a glimpse of a battle scene getting filmed.

Our camera had a birds eye view for the filming, as Captain America and Thor fight off some challengers during the scene. The people who Captain America and Thor are fighting are wearing special suits, which will then be used with computer animation to turn them into aliens in post-production.

Watch the video in the player above, or go to the video tab to view it on our mobile app.

As the actors went through several takes of the fight scene, flames shot up in the background of the scene.

In the video, you can see some of the outtakes, as a stunt double helps actor Chris Evans (Captain America) go through some of the fight scenes and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) drops a hammer that gets tossed to him in the middle of the scene.

The fight scene is just the latest event for downtown visitors to see at the set on E. 9th Street. On Thursday, explosions blew up the façade of an Acura dealership that had been built for the movie, and earlier in the week a series of explosions rocked downtown.

The crew will be filming downtown for the entire month of August, so head downtown and check it out. Also, you can check out our photo gallery of the filming:

If you have great photos of the filming, or spot some of the stars around town, send us the picture at

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