If 'The Avengers' action scenes damage city property, what happens?

CLEVELAND - With all the exciting rumbles and explosions coming from the set of "The Avengers" movie, some are wondering if there has been any damage to Cleveland's buildings or streets. And if so, who would pay for the damage and who would fix it?

Hollywood said there's nothing to worry about. Marvel Studios, along with The Greater Cleveland Film Commission, have been reassuring folks that if there were to be any damage to our beloved movie-making city structures or streets, Hollywood will foot the bill.

"It is company policy," said Ivan Schwarz, executive director of The Greater Cleveland Film Commission. "Once they get started clearing the cars off of East 9th Street and removing some of the rubble, they'll see what holes, so to speak, they've left and will take appropriate measures in order to assure the street looks as good as it did, if not better."

Filming for "The Avengers" will continue for the next few weeks.

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