Explosions rock downtown Cleveland on 'The Avengers' set

CLEVELAND - Thursday brought another day of explosions on E. 9th Street in downtown Cleveland on the set of "The Avengers."

Crowds young and old were gathered around the set, as explosions flipped cars and blew up a bus.

You can watch raw video of the explosion in the video player above. [If using mobile, follow the video tab.]

"It's exciting to me. It's thrilling. It's great to see something in person. Sure you can see it on TV, but you're better off seeing it in person," one woman said.

"It looked amazing. I'm definitely glad I saw it. I can't wait to see it on the screen. It was a real explosion," another man said.

A young fan said, "What's so fun is the explosion. It was really real, and they really blow up the bus and the car flipped over. And the stuff on the ground is not fake, it is real."

The crew will be filming downtown for the entire month of August, so head downtown and check it out. Also, you can check out our photo gallery of the filming: http://5.wews.com/B1m.

If you have great photos of the filming, or spot some of the stars around town, send us the picture at 5pix@newsnet5.com.

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