Casting crew looking for blue-eyed northeast Ohio boy to act in Sony film 'Heaven is for Real'

CLEVELAND - A movie crew is holding a casting search in northeast Ohio for a young boy to play a role in an upcoming film.

Sony Pictures said it's looking for a 5- to 7-year-old boy to act in "Heaven is for Real," which is scheduled to shoot this spring and summer.

Here's a description of the role, as provided by the Greater Cleveland Film Commission:

"Colton is a Caucasian 4-5 year old with blond hair and "otherworldy" blue eyes. Possessed of an open, honest face, he's innocent yet perceptive, with a lovely singing voice. Colton nearly loses his life after his appendix ruptures. Although terrified when he's taken in for surgery, he emerges as a calm, comfortable, self-assured little boy who casually offers up his observations of Heaven."

Auditions for the role are scheduled to take place in the Cleveland area on Sunday, April 28.

The crews are asking the parent of interested boys to email the following information to :

- Parent's name
- Phone number
- Child's name
- Child's date of birth
- Photo of child

Organizers said they will email back more information about the casting call once the entry is received. There is no experience necessary, but only boys 5 to 7 years old will be considered for the role.

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