Man with 'Golden Voice' ditches rehab

TMZ reports that Ted Williams left Texas facility

Ted Williams—the man with the “Golden Voice”—has decided to leave rehab, according to

He entered a rehab facility in Texas two weeks ago after an appearance on Dr. Phil, but he recently decided to ditch the rehab effort, against the urging of his doctors.

Williams decided to enter the facility after a run-in with Los Angeles police, following a dispute with his daughter. The fight started because Williams had been drinking, despite claiming on numerous national interviews that he had been clean for two years.

His decision to leave rehab is the latest development of a roller-coaster month.

In the span of a few days, Williams went from a homeless panhandler on the streets of Columbus, to a national celebrity with an abundance of coast-to-coast job offers as a voiceover artist thanks to a video posted by the Columbus Dispatch. The national spotlight took its toll on Williams, and he decided to sign up for rehab after a national media tour that lasted just a few days.

Now, it appears that stint in rehab stint has ended, and time will tell what the next chapter holds for the “Man with the Golden Voice.”

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