Cleveland Browns-based movie 'Draft Day' premiered in Valley View Tuesday night

VALLEY VIEW, Ohio - Another week and another big movie premiere for Cleveland.

“Draft Day,” starring Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner and Denis Leary, makes its debut Tuesday night in Valley View with some of the movie’s stars—and several Browns players—expected to walk the Orange Carpet.

(That’s right: The Orange Carpet!)

Penned by Clevelander Rajiv Joseph , a Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright, "Draft Day" tells the story of a GM (Costner) on the brink after he trades three draft picks for the top overall selection--and has to figure out what to do with it.

(Somewhat ironically, Houston Texans star Arian Foster appears in the movie as running back Ray Jennings, who Costner considers drafting, and this off-season, Ray Farmer's Browns signed Foster's understudy Ben Tate to be the real-life ball carrier .)

Though it's getting high-marks from insiders for its football acumen , "Draft Day" was actually inspired by comments from a non-football fan friend of Joseph's. 

And Costner was originally set as the Buffalo Bills general manager.

The movie goes into wide release Friday but leading up to it, quite a few “behind-the-scenes ” stories--and at least one deleted scene story--have made their way online already.

But few reviews .

You have to wonder what the early word around Cleveland will be come Wednesday...

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