Tommy Lee Jones supports cinema documentary

Oscar-winning actor TOMMY LEE JONES has contributed to a documentary about a cinema he managed back in his student days.

The Men in Black star ran the Orson Welles Cinema in Cambridge, Massachusetts while he was studying at Harvard University in the 1960s.

Filmmaker Garen Daly, who managed the cinema after Jones, is making a movie about the avant-garde picture house and he interviewed the actor about his time in charge.

The director reveals Jones told him a number of stories about his stint as the venue's first-ever manager, including a time when he asked "a bunch of stoned hippies" to paint the theater's lobby.

Daly tells the Boston Herald, "It was his first job 'in the business'... He had quite a few amusing stories... They painted it (the lobby) purple, which was a very hippie color at the time. Eventually, they ran out of paint, and Tommy sent one of the hippies to the store to get more. He was stoned and came back with just the lid - no paint. Jones told him, 'Well, you got it partially right.'"

The Orson Welles Cinema was the first theater in America to showcase independent movies and foreign films.

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