Robin Williams sends touching video to woman dying of cancer weeks before his own death

Robin Williams helped a woman dying of cancer check one thing off her bucket list months before he died last week.

Williams was 63 when he died, apparently at his own hand, Aug. 12.  His wife said that he was suffering from depression and the early stages of Parkinson's when he hung himself in his home.

But in January, a friend of a 21-year-old New Zealand woman emailed Williams to ask him for a special favor, the New Zealand Sunday Star Times reports.

The woman, Vivian Waller, was dying of cancer in hospice. Her bucket list had five items: get married, travel to Rarotonga, celebrate her 21st birthday, see her daughter celebrate her first birthday and meet Robin Williams.

So Williams sent her a special video to help her. Watch it below, or click here to see it on the Sun Star Times.

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