Julia Louis-Dreyfus jokes about Rolling Stone cover error

Actress JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS has poked fun at an error with her new Rolling Stone magazine cover after history buffs pointed out a mistake in her fake back tattoo of the Constitution.

The former Seinfeld star stripped off for the revealing issue and had former President Thomas Jefferson's 'We the people...' speech 'printed' on her bare skin.

But critics were quick to highlight a key flaw with the artwork as it featured the signature of statesman John Hancock - who only signed the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

However, Louis-Dreyfus has since laughed off the error and cracked a joke about it on Twitter.com, writing, "John Hancock not part of tattoo.It is a birthmark.1962 photo is proof. Apologies 2@RollingStone".

She accompanied the post with a spoof snap of herself as a baby, running around her parents' home naked with the name "John Hancock" displayed on her lower back.

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