Submit photos of holiday lights and decorations

You may have memories of riding around in the car with your family, scanning your neighborhood during the holidays in search of houses covered in bright lights and seasonal decorations on the front lawn. 

If you get the chance to take that car ride with your family this year, we want you to submit photos of the best holiday and light decorations you find in your neighborhood. This way, those who don't have the time to cruise their neighboring streets will be able to get a glimpse of the holiday decorations from the comfort of their homes.

To submit photos of the best homes with light and lawn decorations, you can:

Click on "Submit Photos" at the top of our website and click on upload photos. Make sure you choose the "Holiday Lights & Decorations 2013" channel when submitting photos.

- Or, you could email your photos to .


You can submit photos until December 22. Then we will choose some of the photos to include in a gallery that will go up on

We look forward to seeing what's lighting up your neighborhood. Happy Holidays!

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