Akron woman chosen as contestant on Let's Ask America game show

AKRON, Ohio - Michelle Margroff of Akron will compete on "Let's Ask America " tonight at 7:30 p.m. for a chance to win up to $50,000.

"Let's Ask America" is the TV game show where contestants can win money from the comfort of their own homes. Four contestants are chosen to play the game via Skype, answering questions about fun and irreverent topics to find out what people are thinking.

Margroff, 26, is a kindergarten teacher by day and a professional ice scream scooper by night at her family's ice cream shop "Stricklands." A friend of hers who was interviewed for Let's Ask America recommended Margroff for the game show. She received a call to interview for the show not too long after.

"I've always wanted to be a contestant on a game show -- I mean who wouldn't want to be," Margroff said. "I have been on 'The Price is Right,' but I never got "called down."

Margroff jumped up and down and screamed for joy when she listened to the voicemail she received from Los Angeles. She replayed the message over and over again because she was so excited to be chosen as a contestant. 

"My favorite moments were during one of the interviews. The lady told me I could have my own show with how bubbly and funny I am. She couldn't stop laughing at my responses and reasoning behind my answers for the practice round. That round determined if I was on the show or not!"

She Skyped into the show from Strickland's, dressed in her ice cream scooper uniform with a visor and a big grin.

"My family started Strickland's in 1936 so it was really cool to have been there while this was all happening," she said. "The ice cream machines are in the background -- the same ones my uncle had developed many, many years ago. It was such a neat experience."

During the taping, Margroff said all of the contestants were pretty nervous and were "dead silent" at first. But then, the kindergarten teacher in her came out and she made everyone sing the ABCs in rounds. One of her competitors even started dancing during the singing. 

"[The contestants] were a blast," she said. "We connected so well with one another. I will always remember them!"

Margroff was very happy to have the chance to be a contestant on Let's Ask America.

"It was more than a show to me. I met people who I will always remember, created new memories and just had an experience I will never forget!"

Tune in to NewsChannel 5 tonight at 7:30 p.m. to see Margroff compete to win up to $50,000 on "Let's Ask America!"

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