18-year-old Austyn Whaley appears on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live' after shouting ‘bingo' in bingo hall

LATONIA, Ky. - A Northern Kentucky man appeared on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Tuesday evening to talk about his unconventional punishment for shouting "bingo" in a bingo hall despite not having participated in the game.

Austyn Whaley of Latonia, Ky., talked with Kimmel via Skype after his story made headlines around the country. In February, the 18-year-old walked into the Pike Place Bingo Hall and shouted "bingo," which angered many of the game's participants.

Whaley said he and some friends were walking in the area and he yelled "bingo" after a friend challenged him to do it.

A Park Hill police officer who was doing security at the location arrested Whaley for causing alarm to patrons. A judge ordered that Whaley not utter the word "bingo" for six months as punishment for the outburst.

"[The officer] put his hand on my chest and I'm like ‘what?' and he handcuffs me and starts taking me back to the cruiser and I'm like ‘why are you arresting me?' I was just shocked," he said on the show.

Kimmel asked Whaley if the officer gave him a chance to apologize, but Whaley said he refused to apologize.

"He was being really rude for no reason," Whaley said.

"Well maybe not no reason," Kimmel responded.

To watch Whaley's appearance on the show, click on the video player below. (Note to mobile and tablet users: Open the story in browser to watch the video.)

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