This Week on Kaleidoscope - April 15, 2012

Attorney, Author and Speaker Elaine Greaves discusses the new book she co-authored with Lisa Nichols- Unbreakable Spirit. She talks about some of the hardships she overcame in her life leading to a successful career. For more information call 216.759.3322 or log on to

Individuals are always being approached by one scam artist or another with offers of high returns on investments.  Attorney John Chapman of Chapman and Associates, LLC talks about the red flags to look for when you're approached an explains how to find a reputable financial planner. For more information call 216.241.8172 or log on to   

President and CEO of Fairfax Place Melvin Pye talks about the services offered to the senior population at his facility. For more information call 216.795.1363 or log on to


This program originally aired on February 19, 2012

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