Work almost completed on new WEWS studio

CLEVELAND - After more than a week building our new studio, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The work is nearly complete.

The crew installed two big, frosted windows that will divide the studio from our newsroom. The windows are 69-inch high and 7 feet across.  They are made out of Plexiglass.

In addition to installing the frosted windows, the workers also ran electricity underneath the anchor desk for all the monitors. There are four 19-inch televisions built into the anchor desk.

Friday, the crew will add the graphics and then start cleaning up the studio before they tackle our assignment desk.  They will start the clean-up Friday night from "top to bottom." They will take a shop vacuum and suck the dust from the top of the set where they pre-drilled holes. They will then clean the aluminum, sweep the floor and finally make sure everything is shiny.

You can see our sets debut on Sept. 8.

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