Television sets turned on in new WEWS studio

CLEVELAND - Our new studio is changing by the day, if not the hour. After they were installed Tuesday, the 19 new flat-screen plasma televisions have been wired and are working. They look fantastic.

The crew said Wednesday is all about the "details." They said they're now getting down to the little things, like finishing installing all the LED lights. Many of them will light up the panels that show our logo.

The "pop lights" were also installed on Wednesday. Those are the lights that are above the three 83-inch flat screens behind the anchor desk and the two 72-inch flat screens in the weather center.

Interestingly, this is actually the second time the new set was put together. The crew built it in four weeks back at their shop in San Diego. They wanted to make sure everything fit correctly.

They didn't want any surprises once it arrived in Cleveland. They disassembled it and shipped it off to northeast Ohio.

They had 10 days to complete the studio before we being our run-throughs. The crew said they are right on schedule. Hopefully, the new televisions in the studio don't distract them.

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