NewsChannel5 anchor desk and weather center in place

CLEVELAND - This is a big week for NewsChannel 5. Our new studio is really starting to take shape.  

The main anchor desk and the weather center are now in place. The three-man crew worked around the clock, 24 hours straight, over the weekend to put the pieces together. 

The entire studio set was made in San Diego and shipped in pieces to Cleveland. The set was pre-drilled, so the crew is now assembling the entire studio. They expect to be finished by Aug. 20.

Next up for the main anchor desk and weather center are the installation of special LED lights and graphics. There are 19 television monitors sitting on the floor waiting to be installed. 

Three 82-inch DLP televisions will go behind the anchor desk and two more 73-inch televisions will go in the weather center. The other flat screen TVs will be situated throughout the studio. The guys expect to have them all installed by Tuesday night.

The studio is changing by the hour as we quickly approach our debut on Sept. 8. So far, good. It's looking fantastic.

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