Multimedia journalist Paul Brest


Birthplace: Lorain, Ohio.

Education: Ohio State University- BA Photography and Cinema.

Current Position/Job Duties: Multimedia Journalist/Videographer.

Previous Work Experience: Janitor, florist and auto worker.

Joined NewsChannel5: 1980.

Most Memorable Story: A child with progeria disease (aging quickly) who was playing t-ball: He insisted on running the bases instead of being carried around.  When I gave him a high five, as he crossed home base, tears were running down my cheeks. I remember that moment when I am having a rough day and find strength in that little boy's smile and determination.

News Philosophy: First and accurate. I want to tell the stories of those affected by the events we cover from their perspectives.

Favorite Sports Team(s): Formula 1 racing, Ferrari.

Favorite Music: Bluegrass.

Favorite Movie: Meet Joe Black.

Favorite Book: Spy novels and submarine stories.

Favorite Foods: Chinese and BBQ.

Family: One sister, two nephews, a great brother in-law who is like my brother, and my significant other, Susan.

Pet(s): Two dogs (rescue pets): a large terrier mix (Sami) and a Chihuahua-Cairn terrier mix (Paco), and foster dogs from unfortunate situations.

My passion: Appreciating each new day.

Hobbies & Interests: Off-road dirt bike riding and most motorsports and learning how to fix all the broken things that show up on my doorstep.

Hidden Talent(s): I seem to know a little about a lot of things.

What I like best about Northeast Ohio: The spring and fall are the best times for me. I like moderate weather because I can enjoy my interests with little planning .

You're most likely to see me around town at: The grocery store, the Metroparks or on the road to a place less traveled.

On the weekends I love to: Sleep in, since I usually get up at 2 a.m. on weekdays.

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