Anchor Jackie Fernandez biography


Twitter: @JackieFern5


Birthplace: I was born in Queens, New York because as Eddie Murphy says in Coming To America, that is where Queens reside.

Education: My school life prepped me for TV news life because my family moved often and I switched schools every few years. I went to two middle schools, two high schools and two colleges. I attended Cal State Northridge and did a National Exchange Program to Hunter College in New York City my sophomore year. Ultimately, I transferred to Hunter College and graduated with honors. 

Current Position/Job Duties: Good Morning Cleveland Anchor

Previous Work Experience:  Co-Host of The Good Morning Show on WFMY-News 2 in North Carolina and feature reporter for ABC News' World News Now

Most Memorable Stories: Covering Maya Angelou's funeral in Winston-Salem, N.C. She left a lasting mark on the world, but her impact resonated so deeply in the North Carolina community where she taught for several decades. It was a privilege to share the stories of the lives she changed.

Awards/Honors: Emmy Award for Community Service and two-time Emmy nominee. 

News Philosophy: Find the truth and make it conversational.  

Role Models: Oprah and my mom, whom I affectionately call "Mama Fern." 

Favorite Sports Teams: Cleveland Cavaliers, Browns, and Indians. 

Favorite Music: 60's soul, hip hop, rap and pop. Random mix, but I like music that gets me moving. 

Favorite Movies: I love watching movies and have many favorites but none formed my adolescence more than Never Been Kissed. I wanted to be a journalist and saw myself in Drew Barrymore's awkward character, who loved reading, was uncomfortable around boys and part of the math club.  

Favorite Programs: In order: Breaking Bad, The Office, House of Cards, 30 Rock, 60 Minutes

Favorite Book: When The Elephants Dance 

Hobbies/Interests: I love a good treasure hunt and often go to my local thrift stores and flea markets to find them. Some of my favorite dresses are ones I found at The Salvation Army and Goodwill—including my prom dress. I also enjoy shopping for food, but don't like cooking—working on the disconnect! I also started practicing yoga, after an injury, and to my surprise have become an inadvertent yogi. 

Hidden Talent: Karaoke master.  

Something Most People don't know about me: I like to collect cards with pugs on them. Ever since my sister brought home our family pug, Buckey, I've been "pug-sessed." When I see a card with a pug on it, I have to buy it. I have a drawer full of them and mail them to people for all of life's wonderful occasions!

What I like best about Northeast Ohio: The food, ice cream and Lake Erie. 

You're most likely to see me around town: Everywhere. I'm exploring all things Cleveland! Seriously, you'll see me at Target… I'm always there. 

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